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Chandelier By NK, a modern acrylic decor company, was founded in 2014. It started as an idea to create an easy, chic chandelier without lights. The idea of making a chandelier and then flipping it on it’s head and redefining it was so much fun! We began with two lines: the Fancy and the Octopus Chandelier. The chandeliers were a new concept and we garnered a lot of press and praise. We began to grow our customer base through that and were able to see what was working and selling. Truthfully, it exceeded our expectations! We then partnered with an investor in late 2014, who helped seed our first inventory run — making our products abroad. Before that, each one was made individually and costs were very high. The chandeliers started selling online and we collaborated with party stylists, interior designers and retail to build our brand.  In the last few years, our focus has been on selling the inventory and creating a strong fan base. We are now at a critical growth point and know we need to innovate and expand beyond our two lines.

What makes our acrylic chandeliers unique and one-of-a-kind is the design. We pair modern, chic designs with bright colors and crystals. Acrylic is such a fun medium to work with! It’s luminescent and bold. With freedom from lights, the chandeliers can be hung anywhere you can position a hook or wire. Acrylic can work both inside or outside, which frees up your creativity. Future designs include a heart, a diamond, skull and a cloud with lightning bolts. New acrylics we are dying to use are gold and rose gold! We also want to bring back our sold out mirror metallic and white acrylic. We take designing seriously — but we don’t think decor should be serious. It really only takes a few minutes to hang the chandeliers to achieve a new look. The great part about the chandeliers is that they fold flat. When in use, they slot together and are held by two s hooks at the top. We recommend using fishing wire for the full effect: creating the illusion the chandeliers are hanging from thin air. Fun, right?

Our goal is to grow this business into a lifestyle decor company — offering modern decor with a twist. In order to maintain the brand and continue to expand out we must be able to grow our offerings beyond two lines. This includes enhancing our existing lines with new acrylics and replenishing sold out acrylics (that even today, as we are writing this, are being asked for.) We have worked very hard for 3 years — selling our chandeliers, building a name and creating an experience. Chandelier By NK will continue to strive for excellence in customer service and innovative design. We want to spread happy into the world through our colorful chandeliers.

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Our daughter Lulu. Styling for us in a photoshoot!

Our daughter Lulu. Styling for us in a photoshoot!

WAnt to work with us? We love collaborations.

We love working with brands and companies that reflect our design philosophy. We have partnered with party brands and retail brands. We would love to talk about ideas on product design, designing white labels or to wholesale the chandeliers for your store or boutique.