2018 Brand Ambassador Program — 2 openings.

Well, friends, we’re about to try something new and crazy this year and we’re hoping you’re going to LOVE it!  We are launching a pilot program that we’re calling our Brand Ambassador Program to give you a fun chance to show off your Chandelier By NK style. The full details of our program are below — along with the form to apply! Since it’s a new thing – we are only opening up a handful of spots this second go around. We’re keeping the program purposefully small to be able to make sure we have it right.  We don’t want to drown in a sea of chandeliers and miss out on the client service aspect of the program that will help make it great.  As long as it goes well, we’ll be launching more spots later this year!  If you apply and aren’t selected this round, PLEASE know we still love you TONS and please, PLEASE apply again.  We will happily review any and all applications we receive during our open all call. Style mavens, home decor gurus, party stylists, photographers, shop owners and bloggers — THIS IS FOR YOU!

The Goods:

  • 1 chandelier product sent to you (you must pay shipping) to use/showcase, 
  • 50% off new product (new chandeliers are in the works) + current chandeliers 
  • First to get new product to test out 
  • We’d love to feature you on our website and cross promote on our social media platforms, blogs, magazine features, etc. (This month we are featured in Life + Style.)

What we ask in return:

  • Once a month photo or photos of chandelier in various ways of use determined by you
  • Your home or party space to display and showcase the chandelier
  • Full size, high-resolution photos (either JPG or RAW) of chandelier being used (think bar cart styling with chandelier, tablescape with chandelier, nursery, kids bedroom, patio, party, bathroom — you name it. Please look at our lookbook pictures to get inspiration) with the rights to edit and share as needed.
    • No iphone photos please – big girl cameras are a must
    • You’re welcome to edit the images or send them to us as is and we’ll take care of the edits!
    • Pictures from different angles, pulled back images of the chandelier in full rooms, close ups details, closer views of party or home shots 
    • Full frames are always better.. show off your family, photography, or favorite room – style the chandeliers with decor or a space that gives us the fully styled effect -the more “styled” the images are, the better!!!!!
  • Promotion of our chandeliers which can be exclusive to the photos you take on your social accounts.
  • Feedback on the program, how to make improvements and any additional input you have as a client!


  • Applications are open currently.

What we want your pics to look like. Use this as inspiration:


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Brand Ambassador