Hot Pink Barbie Shoot NK

Last year, we had some serious fun guys! We collaborated with fun party stylists, brands and retailers to showcase how to use our chandeliers. Plus, really this Barbie cake (above) alone made me want to throw a quick little bash. Everything from the napkins, to the candles to the roses, was spot on. It's easy and quick, not to mention chic, to have a DIY pink party at home. For adults. Who said this is for kids? (Party thrown by the sweet and lovely Celebration Stylist.)

Hot Pink Dinner Party

We recently worked with a party stylist on her daughter's pirate bash, partnered up with a kid's clothing company for party shots and worked with photographer's on boudoir sessions, a wedding styled shoot and more.

Hot pink Wedding NK
Boudoir Shot White NK
Pirate Shoot Natalie NK
Unicorn Party NK

This year I am finding we are being driven more and more into the deep bones of what Chandelier By NK was born as. And by that I mean fun, colors, whimsy and the belief that decor for the modern girl is chic, and inspiring. I started this company on an idea, a whim + a nagging idea that would not let me go. Still hasn't. 


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