I looked up and it was September. How? Did Summer go fast for you?! I had a great time exploring with my daughter at beaches, zoos, hikes and farmer's markets. I even took her to Brimfield Antique Market (which is no small feat as its the size of 3 football fields!) It was a full, lush and joyous summer. 

In July, I hired 9 Brand Reps to take our chandeliers and style them to help us spread the word on how versatile and fun they are. The response has been great and the latest — an Outer Space Party, by Olivia Medrow — is such a fun, colorful little party. I like the fun themes that have popped up lately for kids. Do you know what I had as a kid? Burger King and Holly Hobby parties. Take a peek below at the fun "Take me to the Moon Alice!" party with our Turquoise Fancy Chandelier.

In two weeks, I am making a crowd funding video. Did you hear me scream?! Not gonna lie, I'm nervous. Have you ever watched Shark Tank? That is where I am at with Chandelier By NK. Almost done with my first inventory run, and I need to scale to the next level.

That next level is ordering new acrylic like rose gold, gold and mirror (the Fancy in these acrylics will be amazing, seriously!) to adding to our product line with new designs: a heart, a cloud and a diamond chandelier. I need to go to a trade show to get in front of buyers and the money will be used for that and ordering prototypes. 

You know...easy stuff. (sweating over here)

So I'll be asking for your help. And I'll have some great offerings too. I hope you will take a leap with me! I am excited to see where the company goes next, and with your help and some magic, I know it can happen. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what kind of chandelier you would like to see. Part of my offering for the video, will be a personal design of a chandelier. I'd love to see your ideas! 

Outer Space Party NK Turquoise Chandelier.jpg
Outer Space Party NK Turquoise Chandelier Cake.jpg
Outer Space Party NK Turquoise Chandelier 2.jpg
Outer Space Party NK Turquoise Chandelier Cake 2.jpg
Outer Space Party NK Turquoise Chandelier 3.jpg
Outer Space Party NK Turquoise Chandelier 4.jpg
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