Design consulting

We are now offering consulting for product-based businesses. (Our online class starts in January 2019 with Society of Creative Founders).

For now, we are offering consulting in two ways to help bridge any issues you may be experiencing with your business or idea:

1. Helping established product-based businesses with issues
2. Formulate the steps needed to start designing/make a product.

Option 1: 1 hour session for $149.00. This includes design, marketing, manufacturing overseas or domestic, and scaling your start-up. You get full access to any questions or ideas you need help vetting and concrete steps to start:
a. marketing
b. design of a prototype
c. manufacturing domestically
d. manufacturing overseas
e. packaging issues
f. branding and graphics
g. how to figure out the steps to take idea to a prototype

Option 2: 1 hour session for $99 which will give you a basic outline on how to develop your idea into a product.

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