Chandelier 101

Weight: They weigh so little: 3.0 lbs when hung. They ship flat and are easy to hang and assemble.  

Paper: Peel paper with a hot rag can help the paper come off more easily. It just takes some time to peel. The paper protects the chandelier when the laser burns the design.

How to:  The chandelier comes with two s hooks. Insert the s hooks into the two small holes at the top of the chandelier.  Use heavy weight fishing wire or chandelier chains to hang. Double or triple knot wire to the hooks or clamps and use a strong hook or anything else that allows it to hang. It can hang from ceilings, trees or anywhere a hook can be located.  You can find heavy-weight fishing wire or chains at a hardware store or home decor store. 

All our chandeliers come flat. This is to protect the chandelier's delicate nature during shipping. Attach prism to Fancy chandelier with wire included in prism box. To assemble the chandelier, peel the protective paper off.  When we create the chandeliers, the laser burns a design through the acrylic and paper. Upon packaging it, we keep the paper on to ensure no scratches during delivery. 


Chandelier By NK Peel off